Monday, February 20, 2023

Songleader Boot Camp 2023

Enjoying Songleader Boot Camp #SLBC23 partly in front of my computer and partly flat in bed listening on my phone--COVID is really kockin' me out. The good news is that I still have enough voice to be able to sing along at least some of the time. Can't guarantee that I'll be able to participate in any more break-out rooms, so talk amongst yourselves. 🙂 Meanwhile, my husband is taking my place, which is good for his sanity, since this is his 3rd time in COVID quarantine in less than 2 months. Shout-out to Melissa Geneviève Baden--saw you on camera! Howdee to Rick Dinitz, Tyler Dean with the dogs, Heidi Keith, Michael Battat, and all the other fine folks on Zoom with me.

The music is wonderful, the talks are thoughtful. Never thought about inclusiveness necessitating stipulations in employers' regulations that no one can be fired for reasons of sexual orientation &/or gender identity. Should be obvious, but . . .
Everybody, keep singing, strumming, talking! I'm getting a lot from what I'm awake enough to hear. Also, laughing over the name-play fun--of course Naomi Less is really More. 🙂


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